Heart stretch

Klein onafgeschreven gedicht over de grenzen van mijn hart, liefs Krage

Only time I stretched my heart
Is when I let you leave with my heart
And usually I don’t let anyone
Pull my dearest part on and on
You can’t let me wait being me
Till you end with everything but me



Wij allemaal moeten wel eens keuzes maken en dat valt soms niet mee, liefs Krage.

still so full of heart
one’s say fear
you can’t take apart
from decisions
when you chose to follow your intuition
you’ll never be satisfied
Through the options
you keep in mind
you shilly shally shall
with your critical brown eyes
still so full of heart
doesn’t make choosing less hard
Where everyone has given up
to make fun
you’ll still digging deeper and fall in
by wanting so much each time
a failure is not a crime
still so full of heart
The good you wonna guard