Explain in poetry

Let me explain you in poetry
how I like being me

I wonna live so I wonna feel
I wonna touch to know what’s real
I wonna notice every tickle in me
that guides me where I should be
i regret to freeze in front what I want
I regret to be silent for a better moment
I refuse to push away for what feels good
I refuse to make space to what I need close
i wonna follow what I need, so I’m gonna come out
that waiting is not how I figger out things
I wonna slow down only if it’s the rythm of my speed
and will stay on the ground, cause I can float without to breath
I’ve been in many shapes to stick with something sweet
i’ve been lost several times so I rather stay with my needs
So space enough for getting close
or else I better leave again and what will be I will not lose


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