Silent decoration

Zijn het leegtevullers of opwarmers, liefs Krage

Hello you. Good morning, love – with your curly hair
Hasn’t your heart be moaning of the little less care?
Havent you noticed at all, this girl has a hidden sun?
What has to happen to your soul? What makes you wishing for someone?

Has your mind thought of everything for not wondering around?
Can it be frightening to ask this girl to stir your ground?
May your hollows be expected to be filled with love?
Haven’t you doomed yourself, because you couldn’t get enough?

May your hands only got used to dust than a gentle skin
Your absent heart I’d like to trust and quietly grin
You would rather not think of the missed sides
Or do I have a lack of high esteem compared to your size?

If there’s no place to cheer up or you hide it too bad
I rather be the extra sauce on what’s ever been said
I rather would be a cherry on top of your fine face
Hello you. Good morning, love, with your silent ways


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