The poem against emptiness

De engelse vertaling van ‘Het gedicht tegen de leegte’, liefs Krage

Being against the emptiness
Which arises where love left an opened heart
With every breath the void blows through me
Fulfill what never has been tucked
conceal again and again what can be stuffed
for what am I waiting that’s not mine
The way I’m slaughtering my crunch is a crime
I can serve all those who will inhabit my emptiness
And at every departure they steal souvenirs
Nothing that lives is going to replace my stiff passageway
even after wishing well spits
Being against the emptiness
Folding my hands
Big eyes filled by what I see
Bumps under my nails, shaking my heart
so everything creaks crispy like a chipsbag
my elastic heart dislikes tightness
because I like to fill, I’d empty and jump.
I’ll leave room to float and to float,
Because how bad can be my emptiness?
The space to love me and beyond


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