Mijn schrift voor #Liefdeswoede met o.a. alliteratie, binnenrijm, eindrijm, middenrijm. Engelse vertaling van ‘Liefdeswoede’, liefs Krage

Waiting wounds awake huddled anger,
how fierce hands hold hearts, falter skins
around frenzy that chivalrous touches my ticker.
Do I bitch because I let the ‘love’ sound cooler?

Evenings I worship others kickbacks
The higher the hatred, how truly it tastes.
Jealousy hatred because he’s stepping off.
I was expecting and despised him, that he does not leave me in thoughts.

Words wishes savage where wounds refuse
His kisses suck worries to supposedly sunseed
Well cramped by its reliable construction
The tighter my beating crunch, the lesser the evil

Love stirs anger where walls guard
Hood evil that sounds true where kissfever gets fucked
because boldness know moaning pits
From lovers to whom I raffled off my skin for joy


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