Whether or not

Oke zijn met afstanden van je dierbaren. Een freewriting stuk geschreven binnen 1 minuut, liefs Krage

whether you don’t kill me with apps on my phone
I’m happy with the few words you came along
whether you’re about to avoid this app
I’m happy I’d never felt a gap
between us from your spot to my hand
I just hope you’re happy, my little friend
whether the hug will never come
I keep my head strong on our first written song
whether you say one day: Kris I’ll move from here
well baby, this is not the day I started miss your flair
this is the day I started smiling you chase goals
and exactly what gave me love to my big soul
whether you haven’t read yet what I wrote
I know you gonna keep your eyes on the big road
and you know I want to keep you alive by letting you go
cause somehow we both get back to what we need both
a big long hug just what you’ve told me
and I don’t want to miss it, cause I know how you can hold me


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