Silent decoration

Ik heb echt iets te vertellen. Dit heb ik geschreven voor een performance, liefs Krage

When it comes to performing
I am the fastest runner in the world.
I’m running through my words like
giving out all of my month salary in very short time,
like being in highest gear to have that long boring ride behind,
wolfing my food after spending hours on the result and
speeding up my hips to arrive as quickly to the reward.

Nonetheless I had to put on my feathers.
I started flying in every which way.
Chasing the desire to only sound better.
Now, it costs me pain to explain that I am important
to let you guys listen to what I have to say.

At this moment,
I feel like the heaviest bird on this earth.
Looking like a glider, but I’d rather run.
I should stick feathers in my ass and have some fun.
but I only use my wings for a short while to balance on stage.
and stick my head in the sand afterwards

I’d rather be a camel bird with a short tale.
my race over hurdles is to complete this act,
because I think my tale is not worth to tell.
To actually be put in in the rooms of your skull.
To get sticky like short skirts in the sun.

I know I am sitting on your sensitive skin.
I have feelers like a fly for other’s people time.
If you move I’ll fly on,
because I fear you only hear buzzing when I rehearse

With acting like a clown I dare to stay here,
because than I see people happy for listening at me.
But I don’t wonna feel like a fool while I’m telling my tools
to show how fly I am in front of you, guys.

I really have something to tell!

And you all are still standing here.
I think it’s me. It is me!
I must believe in something big.
Probably I make the wrong things big
and I need to take a breath for that.
I shouldn’t link it to when I wore bows in my hair
and my voice was unworldly and little.
Because little sisters get shopped into pieces
by heavy hoarse words who are longer here.
If I was not flying through other’s breath breaks,
I was filling the spaces between the talks
with colors, jokes and high sounds.
Because I couldn’t tell something about sience.
Not the right reason to think that I had nothing to tell
and that I am not smart. I maybe was small.
However I used each chance to leave my heart out.
I wonna thank you that I may decorate your silence today.


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