It’s wonderfull

Daten met iemand, liefs Krage

I’m seeing someone
What is “see ying”?
I’m yang and he looks like ying?
because we pick up eachothers eyes
To not miss a wonderful side
Sometimes you realise
When you talk with someone
That you actually don’t realise
If you look at it’s real eyes
So when I’m seeing someone
I SEE him through all his layers
I SEEk a little more every day
I’m really SEEing someone
SI in italy and spain is yes
And in france they say ‘oui’
but ‘oui’ wants to know ‘who’ in Holland
to who am I eyeballing?
who sees I’m calling?
while there’s so much to see
Like a sea
that stretches out into infinity
while seeking carefully for your toe tops
And touches you everytime the shore comes close
That seems wonderfull
Could this be my secret?
A see-what?
My secret?
Too wonderful to see it real?
Well honestly I don’t see it that way
But I do know that nobody knows
It’s wonderfull seeing him


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