If your heart was small

Ik draag deze op aan een bijzondere vriend, liefs Krage

I know what I would say if you ask me (you don’t)
Make your funny jokes or pet the cats, my dear
(Cause) I can understand I make scary words
(You don’t) ask me how nice it is that you are here

So if your heart was small, now how could all these people fit in?
If your story was boring, then why are we still listening?

I can understand you can make us smile
(and) I can understand you must succeed, but why?
I hope not just me, just me looked in all your parts
Believe my curiosity, not everyone is smart

So if your sun was lost, now how you keep on giving?
If your hand held too much, now why we keep running in?

Seems there’s no reason to stay alone, except that you know how
It seems there’s no reason to think that we can leave you out
Seems there’s no reason to be nervous, you can talk slower now


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