Onbeantwoorde liefde, liefs Krage

I could not turn my back
I just looked the other way
to what is left over here
Instead of seeing you walk away

when you tell you don’t want to stay
why trying to keep you here?
no matter if you can’t today
I can love you in spite of your fear

you are only wanted here
when you get here by your own
I kept quiet so you could not hear
my protest against being alone

Running hard is freely to do
until I think I am happy
and I look at where I saw you go
Everything comes back at me

Not that you have done me wrong
You just want to build time finding you
While I already found you among
among your way to trueth

If your feeling for me is small
how it can drag a whole mind
into all directions? until a wall
will stop you. Its about time
I could not turn my back


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