Open book

Lees mij als een van je bijzonderste boeken, liefs Krage

you didn’t passed me, but took me to your place
You opened me and read me from the first page
and you haven’t close me since you found me
I hope you won’t stop learning about me

I’ve seen dust and friends that have been selected
I knew it that one day I wouldn’t expect it
that day I would see these hands reaching for me
your beautiful eyes that are rolling over me

because your eyes looked further than the cover
your fingers are following my lines to discover
every new paper that can only be thumbed by you
the way you hold me and how you read me through

I want to be your roman, the last book you’ll be reading
I will involve you in my romance and my heading
You are the reason of my open appearance
because without you it wouldn’t make any sense


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