Such love

Was het ware liefde als het in verledentijd wordt gebruikt, liefs Krage

This immersion that I felt
that taught me the sorrow
isn’t findable at the corner
and I wont find back it tomorrow

I’m not writing to anyone
and not for sympathy
’cause I cant believe that anyone else
know such love except me

neither one of my friends
that has always understand
that would mean the world’s patient
for feelings so intense

such love like you would die if you don’t get it
such love like you’re the chosen one that can have it
such love I knew
such love was mine

though I write in the past tense
my feeling has been immense
I’d rather go through life alone
to recover this with both hands

without I seem to die
truelly a part of me really did
but how more can I be alive
if I know such love I wonna give


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