Het lege plekje nadat iemand je heeft verlaten, liefs Krage

I know nothing
can take in the place
that is bare
after I sent you away
collecting pieces after I succeeded days
without hoping
you’d appear in that space
all I found on my chest
it is hard
to be content with less
that you’re apart
from my shown crack
filled up with parts:
a gathered mess
contains no fortress,
far away from best
I know nothing
can replay the past
Nothing that I know
stayed the same
after I told you to go and to be in vain
except your name
and all of the rest
that it contains
and made me express
nobody I know
deserves the sense
that I announce
when I describe you in words
not spoken of the gap
though I feel one
but it stands for the depth
that I was loving once


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