You got it

Wanneer je oude liefde je nieuwe leven nog bepaald. Het spreekwoordelijk gezegde ‘de touwtjes in handen nemen’ heb ik letterlijk gebruikt, liefs Krage

when you think you got it
it seems an illusion.
Tied to a roap
that lies in her hands
and one pull
let you understand,
you gotta go through this again:
losing the tension
before it strangles luck.
It needs an invention
for making the snap.
Eventhough a kite
is joyable to watch,
incomporable when life
is leashed like a dog.
You may bark.
Your desire to flee.
The more sharp,
the less you’ll feel free.
But you got it!
without holding a saw.
The snap came with your turn.
Just the tang is raw.


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