Een innige vriendschap die er voor de buitenwereld anders uitziet, liefs Krage

I have no message for you,
you already know
and i got no message to who
think that they know

when we are in two,
we are honestly… no
that’s when they do
think we are more than “ooh?”

have more than me and you
dare to make
closely I have you
and a piece of cake

having you without glue
without to take
now what is true?
how is the cake?

gladly we never knew
how to fake
when we need to
use our variable face

we’re never screwed
after those says
we get us through
those judging days

as long your shoe
is leaving its trace
I know how to
understand your ways

boo, boo, boooo
why we have to put us in place
am not gonna chew
to define our case

me and you
don’t need this phrase
to persue our way
with the ability to amaze


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