Het ligt niet aan hem… liefs Krage

Sweetheart is your nick since we initiate
but you walked in too soon or you are too late
I’ve been immune until you asked for my aid
I can just ensure you the noon, ’cause I lost faith

Out of the sudden this care for you exists
Someone I cuddled. Someone I kissed
Am not one of betrayers, even when you insist
I’m only a player to my own held up fist

Wonna brush off the impress you left on that day
What wants to posses me I push away
You’re somebody’s ex to feel what I say
but be my guest if you think you know the way

In trying to attract me I’m your biggest fan
Needless to be suspect and to worry where I am
I probably don’t react ’cause I’m acting like ma’ame
Sweety, give me a sec. and I’ll give the best I can

Sweetheart, what you want me to
My mama always said ‘do what you feel to’
So I have no regret that I met you
but now I feel bad when I try to be cool

Gotta shape our leisure to have a small chat
Pity for the pleasure we could have instead
but you allure me that I can’t hold back
Did I reassure you with what I’ve just said?


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