Gotta love her

Neem een voorbeeld aan het omschreven personage hieronder, liefs Krage

She laughs on her own
whatever she feels a silent side
the dry humor she has known
never tried to keep her quiet
comfort with fun alone
her felicity’s outright
though when she’s not home
whether peepers blink unright
she enjoys the way her bones
move to the music she likes
got no knowledge of the don’ts
only from what she does in life
sometimes she talks to her shell
that keeps the wildcat outside
got so much to tell she spares ears from being polite
and bet that I felt
what’s superfluous to her mind
I gotta love her
when I look with other’s eyes
never met mr.fear for her actions
so naive when she smiles
´cause she doesn’t see rejection
´cause she doesn´t care to be liked
her temper is autonomous
and let no one cut inside
guess she brightens up all of us
with her silly sudden why’s
we all gotta love her
didn’t we tried like her many times


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