Brighten up

Het lot dat soms bepaald van wie we gaan houden, liefs Krage

We ran against each other
‘cause we were looking behind
by chance it’s also you I bother
my luggage makes me confine

I won’t ask you to drag my weight
to prove me that you can
your hands hold anyhow the past
exactly what mine try to ban

I know the wind to your front
blows not as good as behind
but feel the fresh breeze can blunt
the last questions from your mind

and when dark clouds shades our heads
and the people feel the rain
we get only a little wet
we know running is in vain

I’m willing to bright up your sky
when you can’t brighten your own
my eyes can’t tell you why
your outstretched arms seems to know

please don´t keep pounds of thanks
oppose my effort in you guy
there is nothing I want back than esteem,
you´re worth the blue sky


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