Box of biscuits

Opgedragen aan bekende  die het recept kennen, liefs Krage

Not every mouth likes to eat them
and the crumbles they make on the face
while I have put hours in them
to give it the best taste

I’m not expecting that every mouth
snack inside my box of biscuits
especially not tasting without
hearing some say they’re delicious

Whatever the bottom peeks
without the baked scent that attracts
and for this dough, fingertops seek
should be nothing to hold back

Eyes stand wide open of discovery
or leave after a glance over the edge
I’m staying right here for who worries
about how I used the ingredients

I ‘m sharing till the last lil’ bite
doffing the lid makes me so generous
I just wonna watch the delight
when they’re snooped by lovelyness

I would do the same just with a snap
hands are holding my tin, you see
I’m not afraid of an empty lap
I’m not the only one with this recipe


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