Back to you

Waar je ook bent, als je verliefd bent wil je maar één ding en dat is samen zijn, liefs Krage

Saving my energy at a wild party
so I can still make those miles to you
calling your voicemail out of a crowd
to feel that you join me too
keeping my kisses away from others
tonight I’m just gonna share my steps
ignore the signs of people around me
I only wonna end up in your bed
Waiting at night on a cold station
to catch the train to be with you
one doorbell away from your smile
but now I hesitate what to do
I’m up all night for this very moment
cuz you make me feel so fine
suddenly an explosion of relief
when your eyes look into mine
I’m here..
Finally time can become ours
I would love to watch you sleep
cause I couldn’t in the last hours­



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