More than friends

Dit gaat over vrienden zijn die eigenlijk meer wilde, Liefs Krage

I felt your floor on my face
since that I stopped with being naïve
I don’t wonna lose my place
that’s not how I’m going to live
you always treated me as your friend
there were times it even was more
and now you told me that you can’t
through my unspoken words
if I was aware of your thoughts
like someone that can read minds
and I did told you those words
than we would be fine?
you mean so much to me
still you ask a lot of my sense
after all I hoped you knew me
I still thought we were friends
there has been a lot of ways
that showed you that I really care
if yet one cause can take it away
than it wasn’t a lot what we shared
you will never change in my eyes
as now I gotta look from a distance
maybe late, but I have realized
I gotta take my friends always serious
even if you had the richest mouth
you could never convince me
First my head has to hit the ground
to believe that you felt me so deeply


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