The thing with the stubbles

Wanneer je vriendin eindelijk de liefde lijkt te hebben gevonden, liefs Krage

I won’t beat about the bush I am so glad of what I’ve heard
how it is to feel a crush for a thing that can have a beard

So special you will feel what you already were
at last a thing that reveals you got no ground to feel unsure

from now you can identify every word that I had to lose
spoken of the first “hi” till what I felt out of my toes

I thought of every instance you had to be happy for me
it’s a way to be friends, I wished you didn’t worry

since your thing with the stubbles I only think of what’s coming
Does it gives you any trouble or only reasons to keep on loving

It is just getting started. Yet you discovered your desire
Please don’t punish your wholly heart if it only makes you tired

you deserve that it happens like you’ve always been hoping
and for all your diverse feelings, I will be here every moment


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