Lacks & Luck

Blijf lekker bij jezelf. Liefs Krage

I know what it’s like to have a first lover
Frustratin’ that he’s not here anymore
Hatin’ the next not knocked on my door
He might be late or I just love my first more

Decline arguein’ for who I open my front
I only want new if it’s what I want
Chewin’ balls I don’t when I’m on the haunt
I fall for men who survives the worse taunt

Better let the guys home with flowers
Or when it’s only price if I do towers
My eyes needs one that’s nice for hours
Finally I’ll oblige him to get dowered

‘cause I know lacks, while I just want luck
The second love-attacks gave me black muck
Loved the knacks afterall it was a schmuck
What the hack! My head might got stuck at my first one

Sporadic there’s one of all that won’t leave
Although the fortune is small. I’m deceived
Even when I get old, I still believe
crawling over dicks won’t be a relieve


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